“Painting and static sculpture are obsolete. They are anachronisms
because they are irrelevant to our contemporary technological situation.”
(Willoughby Sharp, 1968)

The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art (IMOCA) is delighted to announce the opening
reception of Silent Vibrations, a solo show by Ella Burke, the IMOCA 2009 Graduate
Residency Award recipient.

Burke’s new body of work replays space-age aesthetics with a series of inflatable
structures and techno-spiritual machines. The synthesis of science, mysticism and
social life anticipated by Willoughby Sharp’s generation is updated by Burke, who
presents a complex vision of our contemporary condition in which the bubble has
finally burst.

Opening Reception on Wednesday, June 2nd 2010, 6 – 9pm
Exhibition continues everyday 12 – 5 pm until Wednesday June 9th.


Silent Vibrations Opening