My work operates at the convergence between fine art, architectural design and pop culture. I work across a range of media including electronic art, video, sculpture, installation, net art, drawing and text based work.

Points of departure for me are issues concerning our perception of time and space in light of modern media technology. New technologies offer new metaphors for our understanding of memory, space and time but also for the expression of our imaginations, desires and dreams. I am interested in exploring the areas of slippage where we are no longer certain what is memory and what is imagined, or where the real and the virtual fold in on each other. I attempt to tease out or bring to surface the peculiarities inherent within our current everyday environment. It seems sometimes that we occupy a liminal space between a world that is technologically constructed by us and at the same time completely unknowable to us. I merely strive to catch glimpses of this unknowability, and if I am able, to share it, even if its only a blur or a suggestion.