2012 Graduate Resident: Louise Brady

Louise Brady has been selected as the fifth annual Graduate Resident at IMOCA, 2012-2013. She has combined video, projection and sculptural works to create individual ‘viewing systems’. The sculptural work is based around the application of phenomenological spectatorship. As a whole, the work aims to increase the awareness of the spectator, promote a more mobile interaction and address the viewer directly. Her practice is currently focused on text based video installation centered on women’s role within film, gender dynamics and traditional cinematic narrative structures. More of Louise’s work can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/louisebradyart/home






2011 Graduate Residency Award: Andreas Kindler von Knobloch

Born in Spain 1988, moved to Ireland in 1996. Currently live and work in Dublin.


2010 Graduate Residency Award: Adam Gibney
With the growth of mass-production and the media, objects have developed a reliability on technology to define their function and value. My work aims to highlight the relationship between viewer, object and technology. There are still many issues and investigations I would like to try resolve and further. My work has been focused on technology’s effect on reality, for this reason I would like to experiment with alternative ways of disrupting the viewers surroundings without solely relying on the gallery space. These interruptions would link closely with the work I would produce for the gallery setting. I would also like to continue in creating scenarios and spaces in which I illustrate a world controlled by a defunct and untrustworthy technology. Over the course of the year I plan also to practice and further projection techniques which I have been experimenting with.


2009 Graduate Residency Award: Ella Burke
Burke’s new body of work replays space-age aesthetics with a series of inflatable structures and techno-spiritual machines. The synthesis of science, mysticism and social life anticipated by Willoughby Sharp’s generation is updated by Burke, who presents a complex vision of our contemporary condition in which the bubble has finally burst.



2008 Graduate Residency Award: Ivan Twohig
My work operates at the convergence between fine art, architectural design and pop culture. I work across a range of media including electronic art, video, sculpture, installation, net art, drawing and text based work.