Shortlisted candidates have been announced for the sixth annual IMOCA Graduate Residency Award, 2013-2014. Past residents have gone on to be included in various large-scale international and national exhibitions [for a list of past recipient visit here.] The award includes a one-year working studio residency, a solo show and various other opportunities throughout the year, as well as inclusion in the annual catalogue.


Matthew Ashe is a video and instillation based artist with an interest in new media and screen orientated works. His current work consists of a series of video, interactive and instillation based pieces which investigate the notion of the digital self. Ashe’s works attempts to explore the experiences of the individual existing in a duality of digital and real and focuses on the individuals notion of self when exposed to process inherent to digital technology such as reproduction, expanded presence and connectivity.


Michelle Doyle is an artist who works through pre-existing objects such as film and sound. Her reconfigurations question the relationship towards technology and whether technology has made humans progress. Humans replicate the parameters imposed on them by mass consumption and they themselves can be bought and sold.


Róisín Mc Ardle is a mixed media art practicioner concerned with ways in which the mystical can reveal itself in our material reality, when magic and modernity meet. Coincidences, deja-vu, ritual and locations with mystical connotations/pilgrim sites are predominant themes and a basis for the work.


Andrew Shannon: Mass, friction, balance, gravity, momentum, potential and kinetic energy; basic rules of physics are exploited to create sculptures that deliberately agitate the line between stability and instability, Action and inaction. Making use of natural elements and the potential energies they posses, the works sustain the viewer in a state of slight suspense, challenging them to respond to the extreme forces they create and resist.