Taking its title from the filmic convention common to docu-journalism and webcam exhibitionism, Talking Heads is an exhibition of contemporary artworks that explore the people and faces that populate the mediascape. The eye-witness testimonial, the confessional, the report, the expert discussion; each of these techniques lends authority and credence to the speaking subject. And yet, film is not simply an objective witness to an interviewee, but a creative framework open to directorial manipulation and interpretive control. In this way, the artists brought together in Talking Heads explore the multiple positions of the subject under the gaze of the camera.

Talking Heads features works by Omer Fast and Oraib Toukan previously unseen in Dublin, a special 16mm screening of Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests as well as recent works by Stephen Sutcliffe, Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard. Curated by Claire Feeley.

Friday 19th February 6 – 9 pm