July 17 2016

In the past year, since our evolution into Independent Museum of Contemporary Arts, we have been hard at work realizing the goals we had set forth, and for the most part, am I pleased to report, they have been achieved, and then some.

Firstly, our team have launched STANDARD Galería y Estudios to overwhelmingly positive reception.  Our inaugural exhibition was an exhibition of paintings by one of our favourites, German artist Christine Young.  Her solid and dependable work quality set an appropriately high level of quality for us to pursue, which we did with MEMENTO, which opened in May. Of all the fantastic exhibitions and events we have hosted in the past ten years, this one in particular will hold a special place in my memory, as it was the first exhibition we have had time and space to present that was curated from our collection; when we first got started, our initial prioritization of our remits as an art museum were firstly Education and Support, secondly Exhibition, and thirdly, Collection.  Despite our focus on providing services and a support programme, that does not mean that we weren’t still slowly building our collection.

Granted, by comparison it is small and likely idiosyncratic, but the quality of work is unassailable, and it fulfils its role admirably by providing a snapshot through time of the innovative and new work that was being produced , practices that might have otherwise been overlooked or under-represented.

We have a feeling that we might not yet be done with MEMENTO as a curated project, so hopefully there will still be some news to deliver of that, and I am as equally excited that we will be delivering a second exhibition curated from the collection later this year.

This year has also seen the launch of our Artist Residency programme, which has been designed to be a very competitive opportunity,  and developed by artists for artists to cater to exactly what they need [application is HERE]. As a programme, it not only provides an amazing opportunity for the visiting artist, but it also simultaneously fulfils all three tenets of our mission as an institution.

Finally, looking forward to the rest of the year and until my next annual update, on a personal note I must say it has been discouraging and disappointing to see the trajectory of development in Dublin, our birthplace, as various art centers and specifically studio complexes fall by the wayside during this current property bubble.  I hope, as do we all, that the city council realize in time the cultural and economic benefit to making space for the arts in the city center- not just the easy, pretty white cubes that administrators like to maintain, but the private, artist-led, organically growing, grassroots spaces that inevitably prove to be both the backbone and cutting edge of the art community.  The only good news I can hint at is that one particular space might be soon making a phoenix-like reappearance on the horizon, so stay tuned.

Be Prolific,

Kaylee Koss