The premier of this event provides a sampling of the artists and contemporary art practices in France today. The timing of such a show in Ireland is auspicious as it encourages and invites reflection on what is gained from our ever-increasing global interaction and interdependence.

The exhibitions, installations and performances are all uniquely reflective of the curators, artists and teams responsible for creating them; however, at the same time their involvement and participation in an event such as this also clearly illustrates that the shared drive and passion of emerging arts practitioners transcends cultures and borders.

Open to the public from 10:30am to 5:30pm weekdays and 12:00pm to 5:00pm on weekends


Échantillons: Elusive Dreams – October 15

Curated by Blandine Gwizdala, of the St. Etienne Museum of Modern Art and 9 [bis] gallery.

Between dreams, illusions and utopias, each artist looks at his surrounding environment, on his everyday life: what it is, what it should be or what it must be. This show plays on double meaning and double representation, where senses and perceptions are voluntarily lost, where formatted and non-essential images do not have their place anymore.

Elusive Dreams: Arno E. Mathieu / Vuk Vidor / Mael Nozahic / Lucie Picandet / Assan Smati / Barthélémy Toguo / Damien Deroubaix / Marie Chartron / Bruno Costantini / Maya HewittOlivier Millagou


Échantillons: Name Dropper – October 15

curated by Marie Bassano and Simon Feydieu.

By choosing to show only collaborative pieces, the group show ‘Name Dropper’ outlines the tendencies and trends in some artists’ work, coming from Lyon. The artworks were born from spontaneous encounters between artists who usually work on their own. The multiplicity and diversity coming out of the collaborations disclose the specificity of each practice and medium, both in terms of gesture and formal lexicon.

Name Dropper: Jean Alain Corre / Gregory Cuquel / Simon Feydieu / Anthony Jaco-Boeykens / Samuel Moncharmont / Benjamin Seror / Pierre Bonnouvrier