The premier of this event provides a sampling of the artists and contemporary art practices in France today. The timing of such a show in Ireland is auspicious as it encourages and invites reflection on what is gained from our ever-increasing global interaction and interdependence.

The exhibitions, installations and performances are all uniquely reflective of the curators, artists and teams responsible for creating them; however, at the same time their involvement and participation in an event such as this also clearly illustrates that the shared drive and passion of emerging arts practitioners transcends cultures and borders.

Open to the public from 10:30am to 5:30pm weekdays and 12:00pm to 5:00pm on weekends

Échantillons: Dance Karpet

Think Experimental is a collective of young French Graphic Designers. The group includes Nicolas Simon, Florian CHEVILLARD, Paul MALBURET et Thomas BERNARD. They are all graduates from l’École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués de Bourgogne (ÉSAAB) (Nevers, France). Since 2005 the group experiment various area of visual arts. Their projects relies on the association of four distinct artistic sensibilities and on a semantic and conceptual research.

Dance Karpet: Florian Chevilliard / Thomas Bernard

Échantillons: Encastrable

To launch an attack on the cornucopias food, gardening and DIY chain stores are. There, to carry out short-lived actions performed with very little means and clandestinely introduce a workshop and an exhibition space so as to turn the distribution network into an artist residency structure. This is the simple and common idea that brought together Antoine Jolivet and Paul Souviron.

Together they create sculptures using the goods sold by the supermarket, a process that is both minimal and indefinitely reproducible. Among shelves and customers they exhibit smuggler-like constructs made without nails or screws. The process is stopped if a security guard or a manager start allowing it. The two artists then go in search of a less welcoming store.

Those chain stores on the fringe of the cities provide the two artists with an endless supply of raw materials. They use the gaps in the book of rules to play by their own rules and install their own little disorganisation company.

The website shows archive photos and videos of these transient actions, thus composing a sort of exhibition catalogue.

Encastrable: Antoine Lejolivet / Paul Souviron