Established in 2007, The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art (IMOCA) is an artist-led organisation. Actively exercising a flexible model and framework allows us to change, adapt, respond to, and promote developing or shifting trends in technology and society.

We are dedicated to promoting and developing contemporary art and artists in Ireland. IMOCA seeks to develop the educational opportunities, engagement and enjoyment of contemporary art in Ireland, as well as in the larger global community.

To encourage continued development, experimentation and innovation, IMOCA actively supports artists, other art organisations and groups working and experimenting with new and emergent art practices. IMOCA does this through the provision of residencies, resources of space and materials, workshops and seminars, consultation and exhibition opportunities.

IMOCA is committed to the establishment, preservation and documentation of a permanent collection of work that accurately and authentically represent the historical course of contemporary art while simultaneously supporting speculation and forecasts of future trends.