Written by Paula Danziger in 1986, the pop-fiction teen book by this same title presents a young girl in 2057 who has to leave all her popularity and friends behind as her family moves for her father’s new job in a city on the moon.

As much as the original title was a double entendre encompassing the heroine’s opinion of the culture in her new town and the more obvious physical conditions on the moon, this exhibition has also developed a dual purpose for the title: while it is a critique of curatorial practices that rely on literary references in order to place contemporary visual art, the works have been selected specifically for their dialogue and examination of the physical and figurative spaces they inhabit- an empty warehouse in a prime city location that, if not for the faulty economic practices upon which the banking and government sectors relied, there would never be an opportunity to use for the arts.

As always, our exhibitions are free to the public- we hope you can join us for the opening of this exhibit.

Show opens Friday, September 9 at 6:00pm
Show open 12-5 daily through October 2

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