Founded in 2007 as The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, IMOCA is an artist-led initiative dedicated to advancing education about, awareness and appreciation of, and participation in contemporary, experimental and emerging arts practices. In 2015 IMOCA has evolved into the Independent Museum of Contemporary Arts, allowing us to expand our commitment to our education, exhibition and collection platforms in arts centres and related projects in multiple countries.

Our objective is to offer opportunities for audiences to engage with emerging contemporary art practices worldwide, to which they otherwise would not have access, in social environments that encourage exploration and debate. IMOCA is almost entirely independent of government financing, relying upon self-funding and private sponsorships by interested cultural institutions, corporations and individuals for each exhibit and project.


Advisors and Contributors (Past and Present)

Kay Bear Koss

Kay Bear Koss is a post-media artist and community developer who has worked on self-sustainability issues for community-based, nonprofit organisations and arts projects in several different countries over the past fifteen years. Kay moved to Ireland from Tucson, Arizona in 2004 to complete an MFA in Virtual Realities and Media at NCAD, and went on to found Moxie Studios and IMOCA Kay is currently pursuing doctoral research at the Universtat Politecnic Valencia.  Her personal practice and research can be found at


Stephen O’Rourke is a Dublin-based artist who has completed a BA in Fine Print and an MA in Art in the Digital World, both at NCAD. His main interests are the interactions between humans and machines, the transhuman movement and the lack of boundaries that go with virtual identities. He works in both traditional print and digital media, and now as part of the management team at Steambox, the arts research centre of IMOCA.



Martina Bondioli completed a degree in Languages and Literature, and went on to graduate from the University of Modena and Reggio-Emilia in 2009 with a degree in Planning and Management of Cultural Activities.

Her main interests are visual arts, particularly photography and music. She has organised several music events and festivals in her home town of Ferrara, and has previously worked as an artist’s facilitator at a performing art festival in Italy. Martina is currently interning as an administrative assistant for 2010.


Claire Feeley is a curator working in Dublin. She was previously curatorial fellow at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery where she co-curated exhibitions including Grin&Bear It and Thingamajig. With IMOCA, she curated the show Talking Heads. She was curatorial fellow at Sommerakademie, Bern directed by Tirdad Zolghadr. Her main interests are in the history of media, magazines and technology and her writing has been included in publications in Ireland, Estonia and Switzerland.


Leah Hilliard is an artist whose practice is in rooted performance — from spoken word to digital image. She the co-ordinator, lead researcher and writer for the MA Art in the Digital World at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and a Public Art consultant. She has shown at the Liverpool Biennale and the Dublin Fringe Festival, and has represented Ireland at art and performance events, both national and international. Leah continues to be active as artist, curator, researcher and public art consultant. Leah also finds time to manage the stage production manager of the Alternative Miss Ireland annually charity event and has worked for a number of years on the Festival of World Cultures. Leah was the Artistic Programme co-ordinator and a curator of Arthouse Multimedia Centre for the Arts, creating events such as SEED, Aspidistra and FREEZE (Winter Projection Festival). An experienced event manager and a friend of Dolly Parton, Leah always carries a power drill and video camera in her handbag, just in case.

Cliona Harmey is an artist who works across a variety of media including video, photography, sound and the Internet. She is currently based in Dublin and is a lecturer at The National College of Art & Design, Dublin. She has exhibited in curated shows in Ireland and internationally. In 1999-2000 she completed a one year artist residency at Arthouse Multimedia Centre, Dublin. She is also one of the founding members of an online open publishing system for artists. She worked for a number of years as a freelance artist & workshop facilitator for the Education and Community Department at IMMA as well as a number of other Dublin based organisations such as Artsquad & Tallaght Community Art Centre . She also worked on an Art’s Council funded Artist in the Community Project and a percent for art primary school residency programme initiated by Cavan County Council in collaboration with Kids Own Publishing.